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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are the key reasons that executive coaching and learning is needed?

Leaders in senior and key roles of organizations have strategic, organizational, fiduciary, and talent management roles to ensure that the organization meets it mission and vison goals. Commitment and Accountability are key dynamics that we focus on and provide coaching for development.


Where are leader learning and training sessions conducted?

Sessions are flexible in coordination, such to be conducted at the organizations site, conducted at The Leader Doc’s site in Maple Lawn, MD, or other locations based on the size of scheduled attendees or other design needs. Online learning sessions are available.


Does The Leader Doc conduct one-on-one coaching sessions?

The Leader Doc provides several one-on-one coaching sessions for individuals that are custom designed to meet the needs of the request. Individual and group assessments are included with advisement.


What are the costs of sessions?

Each training session is designed for groups of two or more and are located in the service provided page on the website. Ideally, sessions are two-hours, three-hours, half-day or a whole day. There is an Academy design under development.


What are the requirements to attend learning sessions?

Attending leadership learning sessions are developed and designed for senior leaders and leaders identified for succession into other key roles, who want to increase their effectiveness (Results) orientation.


Do you design sessions for the specific needs of the group?

Yes. All session have core objectives and learning that will be covered to the extend of meeting nationally recognized leadership theory and application. As well, sessions are enhanced and modified to meet specific needs of groups and individuals depending on agreed upon content goals.


How do we know the training and learning presented will bring results once implemented?

Great question, and key aspects of the learning sessions provided are to be able to bring a return-on-investment (ROI). There are assessments that will be conducted before courses are presented and once completed, to assess gains in knowledge, skills and attributes. If there are deliverables related to change in the actual workplace, there are organizational assessments that can be used to gauge effectiveness related to agreed upon SMART goals (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time sensitive).

Additional Questions?

The Leader Doc will be happy to discuss any further inquiries about your organization's needs. Feel free to visit the Contact page and send a message. 

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