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“Leadership effectiveness manifests itself by empowering qualified and talented human capital to accomplish the mission; position and rank are inconsequential to success when talent is engaged.”
~Dr. Lorinzo Foxworth


Enjoy our video clips from previous training and coaching sessions. 

Transformational Learning

The Leader Doc leverages extensive experience in organizational development and training to provide workshops and seminars to senior leaders, equipping them for further long-term success.

Executive Coaching

We provide development and learning sessions designed for middle managers and succession-selected leaders. Participants will execute action-learning activities that support future application.

Leadership Development

The Leader Doc conducts sessions with leaders that span a variety of programs, all with the goal of compelling leaders to make an impact. 

Our Clients

We have been privileged to work with a number of small businesses, corporations, nonprofits and government agencies to facilitate their leaders’ transformation and growth as executives. Here are a few of those alliances, we look forward to adding your organization to the list.

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