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Meet The Leader Doc


Dr. Lorinzo Foxworth (The Leader Doc), is an accomplished executive leadership development coach and strategic leadership thought whisperer. For 13 years as previous owner of Synectics Trainers providing training & development services to corporations and federal agencies, The Leader Doc, LLC has "transformed" to provide Executive Strategic Leadership Coaching and Development, to assist senior leaders in transforming organizational positioning. Through live and virtual learning sets, group and one-to-one sessions, The Leader Doc guides and enhances leaders’ approach to attain financial, talent management, human resources and collaborative relationships for long-term success.  

Traveling the United States and abroad (Japan) he is recognized for the following contributions to the field of leadership growth:

  • Attained Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership, and Published in the Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture, with peer-reviewed research for the training and development profession (7/2012)

  • Contracted to develop and train senior Army Recruiting officers and noncommissioned officers in strategic leadership & recruiting management for the U.S. Army Recruiting School-(2000-2006)

  • Developed the P.E.A.C.C Performance Model® as a strategic tool to enhance high, sustained levels of performance and results

  • Requested to speak at national conferences such as National Sales Network, U. S. Army Recruiting Conferences, Baltimore Teachers Union Conferences, Baltimore City Community College, TriWay International Group-Chinese Leader Delegation Training, and Ford Motors

  • Developed the Learning Employment and Professional Skills (LEAPS) employment guide implemented to help employment seekers attain and maintain employment in 2003-2005, for Baltimore City Community College.

  • Recognized in Who’s Who for Professionals for three years.

  • Performed as Interim Vice-President and Associate Vice-President for Workforce Development at a community college leading the team to accomplish over $11.5 million dollars revenue growth, averaging 2.5% annual growth

  • Graduate of the U.S. Army Sergeants Majors Academy (Top Senior Enlisted Management Academy): 20-year First Sergeant (1SG) U.S. Army Veteran

  • Adjunct Professor the University of Maryland Global Campus and the University of Phoenix teaching Business Management, Strategic Organizational Leadership, Business Ethics, Decision Science

Dr. Lorinzo Foxworth

Principal & Chief Executive Officer

The Leader Doc is a coach, trainer, speaker and educator with over 20-years of extensive accomplishments and experience in organizational development theory & application. The company specializes in strategic executive leadership development, for workforce integration, business and academia professions. He stands ready to work with senior leader’s and executives at all levels to transform leader attributes and performance into accomplished measured results.  

VM: 443-255-7833

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